Sample Branding Deployment for TechEd Session

In my session at TechEd called “Exploring the Power of Page Layouts in SharePoint 2010 WCM Sites” that I co-presented with Randy Drisgill I touched on the subject of deployment.  The topic itself is one that can get very complex quickly so I thought it’d be best to start with sharing an example of a simple branding deployment that includes page layouts.  The download includes a Visual Studio solution that deploys a Sandbox WSP (so you’ll need to make sure to check in and publish the masterpage, page layouts, css, images, etc).  But it should serve as a good reference:

Here’s some of the other references that I mentioned in my slides:

Creating a Page Layout in SharePoint 2010 using Visual Studio 2010 by Becky Bertram [SharePoint MVP] —

Packaging master pages and page layouts —

CKS:Dev Extensions —